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Lori has a way of pushing you hard toward your goals and holding you gently as she does. She makes you feel like the only person in the world and listens intently as you slowly unwrap your dreams. Always with a smile in her voice, she calls out your power until suddenly you feel that anything is possible.

~ President

Lori is a wise, spirited, and brilliant coach who creates an environment in which clients say, “I can do this! I want to take the leap and try something new!”  Her loving style and strong presence empower people to experiment with the unfamiliar despite their fears. Patient and persistent at the same time, Lori delights in her clients’ transformations, as she stays the course to help them navigate obstacles and sustain the new behaviors. Her resourcefulness and pragmatism integrate well with creativity and spunk, creating a most gifted and unique coaching experience.

~ Management Consultant

Lori brings her expertise and passion to her class to make powerful moments happen for her students.  The exercises are designed for allowing big shifts in your life.  In the writing exercise, I was concerned about getting it right and as soon as I let go, I felt a wide expanse of freedom in writing.  I shed my own structure and wrote freely.    Giving the voice in my head (the Inner Critic) a chance to express itself outside my mind, was staggering. Thank you for these wonderful insights that I will put to good use right away!

~ Vice President

Working with Lori was like putting on a well-loved pair of slippers.  She held a beautiful space in which we co-created a coaching relationship of respect, safety and possibility.  Her open and non-judgmental curiosity enabled me to open to my own curiosity and insight.  Lori ‘saw’ me, and as a result I was able to look into my mirror of acceptance and love regarding my situation. Thank you Lori.

~ Transformational Life Coach

I attended Lori’s workshop “Let The Universe Be Your Coach” and throughly enjoyed the experience.  Lori possesses a unique combination of compassion, knowledge and humor all wrapped in a healing energy.  I felt safe to share my deepest desires and fears with her.  I felt truly seen in her presence.  She is a gift.

~ Actor/Singer

Having Lori as my coach for the past couple of months has been absolutely amazing! In this short period of time I have really learned to listen and reconnect with my authentic self. Lori creates such an open and accepting space for curiosity and creativity to emerge. She helps me to gain a greater sense of clarity around those values and passions I have been silencing for so long. Lori challenges me to question, to play, and most importantly to honor my truth.

In the past few weeks I truly have evolved and have a renewed sense of spirit. The possibilities for me now seem limitless, as new opportunities for growth and change have been presenting themselves more frequently. With the gentle encouragement of my coach I now see potential and choice in all things. Where I once was filled with feelings of doubt and fear, I now look at my life with childish enthusiasm and wonder. I look forward to all that is to come and am learning to embrace the journey.

~ Associate Director

Lori is is a true and rare angel.  There is no other way for me to explain her gifts.  Talking to her put me in a safe space in which I felt warmly accepted and understood.  She is incredibly patient, loving, and non-judgmental.Every session was a treat, and I learned so much from her.  Lori gave me so many effective tools to use towards achieving my goals.  

The critical difference between Lori and others, is she is not only highly educated, but she is incredibly well read and knowledgeable about all things related to the psychological principles of well being, achieving goals, and pursuing happiness. 

If you want to change anything in your life or want to make anything better, Lori will empower you, giving you the deep and unbreakable resolution you need, to achieve your goal(s), whatever they may be.  My goals not only seemed easier through working with Lori, they actually became a reality.

~ Global Online Marketing Manager

Lori has an intuitive gift that makes her coaching unique.  I feel connected to her because I know she truly cares about my transformation.  Through her powerful questions and amazing listening skills, I have learned to redefine my priorities and goals to better align with my values.  In a bold, yet gentle way, Lori has pushed me towards that better me. I am grateful for each coaching session which contributes to my personal growth.

~ Learning & Development Professional

With Lori as my coach, I feel that she has absolutely walked in my shoes, but she brings clarity and focus to places that seemed only dense and fuzzy on my own.

~ Transformational Coach

Lori’s coaching sessions have been an anchor.  She seems to intuitively flow with what is in the moment, helping me follow my process. She has been direct and honest, a good balance between supporting me and confronting me to stay accountable, so a big THANK YOU!

Lori stayed on purpose, held the focus and shifted as necessary. She stayed even and centered and reflected back to me in a very effective manner…I really value the time we have shared. It’s amazing what can happen in this context.

I have gained many new insights and understanding into my blocks as well as my strengths. I have accomplished many different goals through her guidance and wisdom. I have felt 100% supported and respected! This time together has been a pillar in my personal growth! I cannot say “Thank You” enough!

~ International Project Manager

I consider Lori my ‘spiritual guide’ and working together has been a true blessing.  She helps keep me grounded and focused on the important aspects of life and when I’m down she’s quick with a smile or laugh that brightens my day.  Lori is able to articulate things in such a way that paints the clearest of pictures and ensures I understand where we’re going on our journey together.  I truly value our coaching relationship and I’m a better person for knowing and working with her.

~ HR Business Partner

Making sense of life is not easy…Lori is a supreme and loving being that is also incredibly insightful, patient and encouraging while being gently straight forward. She truly is an authentic and caring person that you can trust to help you get back on the right track when your personal or professional struggles get in the way of living a happy and fulfilled life. Lori has helped me change my life and outlook in a profound and positive way. 

~Director of Events