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How to Live With No Regrets

When we hold onto to past mis-takes or regrets; we’re not available to the gifts of the present. 

If we let go of past regrets we give ourselves the freedom to live in the now. 

How to Let Go of Past Mis-Takes 

Here’s a simple three step process for Letting Go of Past Mistakes for Good

1. Make a list of all of your past mis-takes. Include the ‘big’ ones, like not taking the job of your dreams; and the little ones too such as, saying no to a dinner invitation with friends. 

2. For each mistake ask yourself, ‘what was the lesson I learned?’

3. Now bless each mis-take on your list. Say ‘thank you for the lesson you taught me’ and imagine releasing the mis-take like a big helium ballon floating higher and higher until it disappears. 

Practicing this simple three step process will shift your perception of your mis-takes.

Similar to hilarious movie ‘outtakes,’ when you begin to view your mis-takes as learning experiences, instead of getting stuck re-living past regrets, you’ll open yourself up to enjoying life now. 

I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below with one mis-take you’re finally willing to let go. 


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