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Everything Will Be Ok…

My Mother had surgery recently and things didn’t go as expected.

There were complications that caused a pretty serious infection and we found out that she was allergic to the antibiotics that she needed to help her heal. And because of the infection, a very large wound developed.

My mother is a 77 years young. She’s vibrant and healthy and a three time cancer survivor. For the first week after the surgery she felt great, better than expected. She even returned to her regular daily exercise routine a few weeks later. 

The complications caught us all by surprise. Fear slowly crept in and I could feel my chest tighten with worry. There were 2 or 3 days that were particularly difficult, I had trouble sleeping because I felt scared, helpless and anxious.

This is what happens when fear takes over.

Fear clouds our vision.

When we’re enveloped in fear, we can’t see clearly. We over react or make choices that don’t make sense because we can’t think clearly. 

The best thing to do when we’re scared is to sit still. Yet, this is the hardest thing to do. When we feel panicked we want to take action. Yet when we take action from a place of fear or worry, it’s like a hamster running on a wheel. We run ourselves into exhaustion without getting anywhere.

The reason why we need to sit still when we’re scared or worried is because our emotions are like a magnet.  So fear attracts more fear.

Fear also creates anxiety.

Fear + anxiety = overwhelm.

Here’s what to do instead:

Set the reset button.

Do this by sitting still.

I sat on the floor (literally) and wrote down three things I was grateful for. I imagined my mother healthy and fully recovered. And I asked God for help.

I re-started my daily meditation practice which I got away from when I got busy taking care of my Mother.

I shared all of my fears and worries with one of my best friends. who I know would listen with a compassionate ear and not judge me.

Everything Will Be OK

I didn’t believe everything would be ok until I surrendered to “everything is ok” which yes, was a big ask since clearly I didn’t things were ok. But once I got my fear out of the way, things started to fall into place- including the doctors finding a intravenous antibiotic my Mother could take.

Lessons Learned

There is a divine force interwoven into the fabric of our lives that is so much bigger than us. Sometimes we can get caught up with ourselves or what’s happening in our lives, or both that we forget it’s there. It’s always there for us. When you’re feeling overwhelmed remember you’re never alone and everything will be ok.


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