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Lori Ostenfeld, CPC

Inspirational Speaker. Teacher. Coach. Happiness Activist.

BS in Nutrition, University of Delaware / MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Executive positions at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Accenture
Certified Professional Coach (CPC) / Certified Happiness Coach / Certified Success Coach

So what’s my story?

Lori by Xioger Sandoval 3561

Well, I always excelled in school and at work. I earned a degree in nutrition, worked in pediatrics, moved into sales and then returned to school for an MBA. I served in leadership positions for global organizations like Accenture, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs. 

From the outside my life looked “picture perfect.” I enjoyed all of the benefits of a successful career: travel to interesting places, a nice wardrobe, nice car, a gorgeous NYC apartment. And I dated some wonderful men. But guess what? I wasn’t very happy.

I was working 60+ hours a week. I would frequently cancel plans with friends because of “work.” And though this lifestyle made me more and more uncomfortable, I chose to stay on the familiar merry-go-round of corporate achievement.

Then suddenly one day my father died. Three days later, I dived back into the hectic pace of work to avoid feeling the deep pain of loss. Luckily, a close friend suggested I attend a course that saved my Life. The intensity of the course forced me to hit the reset button —  forgiving the past and redefining my future goals, aspirations and desires. I resigned from my position at Goldman Sachs and spent the following three years coaching underserved children in the Bronx. Coaching proved to be a more rewarding and enjoyable experience than I’d imagined. I felt happy and fulfilled.

IMG_4203What did I learn?

Well, first and foremost, I learned that life as a “perfectionista” isn’t worth living.

As a young girl, I had a natural zeal for perfectionism, continuous improvement and being the best I could be.  Since this approach helped me to succeed in many ways I viewed it for a long time as a strength. Looking back, I have a new perspective.  

In the extreme (in my case), perfectionism can lead to “analysis paralysis” and indecision. The pursuit of perfectionism — an illusion if ever there was one — can prevent us from fully living in the Present.  Believing there will always be something “better” prevents us from being Happy Now.

Living in the present takes practice, determination and courage,
but it’s the only place to be to create your future.

My philosophy and approach to working with you

Your thoughts determine your beliefs and your beliefs create your experiences.  If you desire a different life experience, shift your beliefs.  Begin with taking a look at the thoughts you’re choosing. 

There’s a silver lining in every difficult experience.  Sometimes it shows itself quickly and other times it may not be visible right away.  The silver lining will always reveal itself in time. We just need to trust, believe and be patient. I am grateful to have received such a tremendous gift (my present life) from my father’s untimely passing.

Boundaries are sexy! — That’s right. I’ve met and worked with hundreds of women over the past several years.  Women are incredibly generous kind souls that have a tendency to stand up and be GREAT advocates for others, but not often for themselves.  I was no exception. Coaching changed this pattern in me.

Make waves — As I grew up I continued challenging the rules and questioning most things- which fueled my passion for learning, creativity and personal growth. I wasn’t afraid to try new things.  We need to experiment in life to find out what brings us joy.  

The best way to lead is by example — As s woman, your greatest gift (and perhaps responsibility) to lead by example.  As you advocate for yourself, express confidence, practice self- love, transform your relationship with your Inner Perfectionista™ (aka inner critic) and exercise clear and healthy boundaries- you teach others to do the same.

How meaningful conversations can change your life

Throughout my career I’ve been speaking, teaching, coaching, mentoring, counseling and writing.   The common thread is conversation. I teach and coach through meaningful conversations, one at a time, with groups or individuals.

Every conversation matters — it’s how we evolve. It’s amazing what happens when you’re really available for a conversation.

I believe a conversation with a stranger can change a life.
I know, because mine has. 

My hope in being vulnerable and sharing my life lessons and experiences, is that your path to happiness and success will be shortened. Since leaving the corporate life behind I’ve studied and read countless books, attended hundreds of personal development workshops, courses and seminars and engaged in private sessions with spiritual teachers to acquire an intuitive understanding of what I know about happiness, love and success.

I believe you can do what you love an love what you do.  So if you’re ready to experience real happiness and success in your life, I’m ready to join you and move aside what ever is standing in your way. 

My invitation to you

Join one of my workshops or sign up for private coaching. Invite me to speak at your workplace or event. Or just share some inspiration.

I’d love to hear from you.  Here’s to your happiness ever after…

With deep love and gratitude,

Lori Handwritten signature

Professional Bio

Inspirational Speaker.  Writer.  Coach.  Happiness Activist.

Lori Ostenfeld is an agent for social regeneration and transformer of women. A former corporate executive turned entrepreneur, she inspires women to be outrageously happy and wildly successful by doing what they love and loving what they do. 

In her coaching practice, Ms. Ostenfeld uniquely combines her wisdom, intuition, compassion, and an occasional touch of “sassiness” to guide her clients to identify and gently “move to the side” what’s standing in the way of their personal and professional success, evoking an extra-ordinary opportunity for growth. They learn to love and accept themselves by transforming their relationship with their Inner Perfectionista™ (aka their inner critic).

Ms. Ostenfeld has served in leadership positions at top-tier companies including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Spencer Stuart and Accenture.  She is the founder of Living Happy®, The Happyness Coach, Enlightened Living International and Lovecakes by Lori.  She is a member of the International Coach Federation, a Certified Professional Coach, Transformational Life Coach and Certified Happiness and Success Coach. Ms. Ostenfeld holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Delaware and a Masters in Business Administration from the Wharton School.

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