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How To Create Peace

What happened in Orlando shouldn’t have happened. 
The continuous media coverage lends to even more negativity, fear, judgment and hatred.
But the thing is blame and judgment are never the answer. 
I’m certainly not pretending to know how to solve hatred in the world. To me, each human life is equally valuable. This is not to say that everyone is pure and good. Clearly this is not true. But I don’t think we create peace by blaming or judging others. Or by drawing conclusions about nations or groups of people. Or by building up our armed forces or buying more weapons of mass destruction for that matter. This seems a bit counter intuitive to me. 
And since the US is spending 7 times more money on defense than on education, creating peace and investing in our children doesn’t seem to be a priority- no matter what promises have been made by politicians. 
What if we gathered up our passion and used it for good instead? What if we channeled our passion to make a positive difference? 
Instead of relying on [and waiting for] our government to solve world peace, what if we can begin at home with ourselves? Do any of your relationships with friends or family need mending? Have you had misunderstandings with loved ones that can be made right?
A Shift In Focus Is Needed
The more we focus on our differences, the more separation we create.  
The more we point fingers, the greater the divide. 
The quicker we are to judge and blame, the wider the bridge is between us.
The harder we are on one another, the more brittle our relationships become. 
The more compassionate we are, the more room for understanding there is.
The more patient we are, the more we learn about one another. 
The more tolerant we learn to be, the more peaceful we become. 
The more we focus on our similarities, the closer we become. 
Choose Peace
In the words of Mother Theresa, “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”
We will never solve hate crimes with more hate, judgement, blame or criticism. 
It is time to rise above. 
It is time to shift our focus. Shift from separation and judgment to oneness, acceptance and peace. It’s a choice. A choice we make in every moment. 
So I guess what I’m suggesting is maybe it’s time we stop judging everything and everyone so much. Or at least pause and begin to question our judgments. Or better yet, leave judging in the courtroom where it belongs. 
Please reply back to this email and let me know how will you choose peace today? 

© Copyright Lori A. Ostenfeld. All rights reserved.

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