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Happiness is a choice.

Our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs create our experiences.  So if you want a different life- begin with taking a look at the thoughts you are choosing

Every experience and transition in life, planned or unplanned, presents an opportunity to open your heart and transform in a positive way.  

Living Happy’s mission is to empower you to be happy, healthy and successful.

We accomplish this by helping you to discover your unique life purpose and to live your dreams…to live more fully in the present… to let go of past ideas about yourself that hold you back — including what you may think of as “mistakes” (which is a mistake!).

My promise to you: By bringing your attention and awareness to the present moment, you will profoundly shift your future.  This will allow you to be your truest self…and to be happy.

I invite you to join me with an open heart and mind.


Empowering you to be happy, healthy and successful!